Bloggers Love Bloggers

Stephanie of She’s So Eco started an amazing movement within the blogging community. Bloggers love bloggers is a movement about bloggers you admire and look to for their talents. There is so much bullying online and what better way to turn a negative into a positive.

Lets spread the love, simply follow Stephanie’s rules below :
“Bloggers Love bloggers. Every week, on any day they wish, I challenge bloggers to post a photo on Instagram or on their blogs. The photo will be the most beautiful or amazing photo of not you, not your best friend, but a blogger you love and respect. And praise her for her engaging writing, amazing makeup skills, great style, whatever it is that draws you to her. What if we embraced and praised others for their inner and outer beauty? Then maybe it would be easier for us to see the true beauty in ourselves. So tell the world what you love about a fellow blogger that you think is awesome, and tell them why. Let’s start a movement! Don’t just post the photo. include a write-up. Let people know why you’re doing this, why you love her (or him, let’s be fair!), and why we need to be nicer to each other. Then hashtag it. #bloggerslovebloggers #blb”
My first bloggers love bloggers pick would be the creator behind it. Stephanie of She’s So Eco, is an amazing woman full of talent! A little about Stephanie from She’s So Eco: “I am a blogger, freelance journalist, photographer, mother, wife and makeup artist in Vancouver. I am obsessed with non-toxic and Eco-friendly beauty, hair, skin, fashion and lifestyle products and the majority of my writing reflects that. I attended George Brown College in Toronto for Journalism, and wrote for Canadian Musician Magazine, Professional Sound Magazine and more before realizing my true passion: Using, writing about, photographing and promoting Eco-friendly products.”
I started following Stephanie’s blog almost a year ago, firstly because of her love for green beauty and second for her breath taking photos. I loved how she really engaged with her followers by replying to comments left and educating me with brands I thought were natural but really weren’t. I became closer to her on Facebook and really enjoyed chatting with her about our passion for green beauty products. The more I chatted with her, the more I found we had in common and a friendship blossomed. Stephanie is the inspiration behind Clean Beauty Craze, if it was not for her coaching Clean Beauty Craze would not exist. I look to Stephanie as a role model within the blogging community. She is so passionate about the things she writes about and she is just a beautiful person inside and out. Her blog is my guide for making my blog what it is today. I can’t thank you enough Steph!
Follow Stephanie and spread the love! Lets get this movement going!
Twitter: Shesoeco
Instagram: Shesoeco
Photo by Stephanie of She’s So Eco
Forever Clean and Green,

8 thoughts on “Bloggers Love Bloggers

  1. You made me cry! This was wonderful to read, I'm so humbled that you would feature me. Thank you, Crystal! I adore you and your blog so much, and a so proud of the blogger you have become!!!


  2. This is such a great initiative! And there are so many bloggers that I admire that I don’t know where to start. I’m so lucky I got the chance to interview many of them as well on my blog, including the lovely Sarita (Peace On The Skin & Peace Within), Sonja (Life in Blush), Kasey (Plein Vanity), and Jade (Nephritcus).


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