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I’m always on the search for great natural skincare. I came across a company on social media by the name of Ooh La La Lamour. I was intrigued by their ingredients and products and I had to give them a try. I contacted Ooh La La Lamour, and the rest was history!

Created by Candace Smith-Lamour  “She believes in using true 100% Natural and Organic ingredients infusing Wildcrafted Herbs, Flowers & Fresh Fruits & Berries with LUXE Oils and Butter then blending in Botanical Essentials to bring out a Lovely Pure Aroma to boost your Mood and Wellbeing.”

Candace, was kind enough to send me three products to test. Ooh La La Lamour Facial Wash, Facial Food Number One, and French Kiss – Kiss Balm.

Ooh La La Lamour Facial Wash Description: ” infused 100% Natural and Organic Savon Noir (African black soap) with Red Rooibos and Green Tea, Lavender and Vitamins to create a facial wash that will feed your skin and balance the skin’s pH.”
My Thoughts: This face wash is unique, infused with Red Rooibos, Black African Soap and many other great ingredients. I usually drink Rooibos Tea when my immune system needs an extra boost to fight off infection, but I never thought about the benefits it could do for my skin. The face wash left my face feeling clean, but not dry. It did not lather up like your typical face wash, it just absorbed into my face with feel good benefits. It was not the greatest at taking off makeup, but I did enjoy it when I did not wear a lot of cosmetics or after I removed them. The smell was a little strong, so if you are sensitive to smells then this product is not for you.  All in all, a great face wash that did not cause break outs and smoothed my complexion.
Ingredients: African Black soap(contains Shea Butter & Cocoa ) infused with Red Rooibos, Green Tea, Lavender, Vit. A, D, C & E, potassium sorbate
Price: $20.00


Facial Food Number One Description: “Our gentle blends of grains & minerals, are combined together to help brush off dry dead skin cells and draw out toxins from your face. Wonderful at getting down deep into your pores to remove make-up, black heads and dirt that are hard to rid from just using a facial wash.”
My Thoughts: Exfoliating is a huge part of my skincare routine. Who likes their foundation clinging to their dry patches? Ingredients like rice bran, chick pea, and oatmeal are hand ground together to rid the skin of dryness. I found the facial food mixed best with water which broke down the ingredients and became a paste. When rubbed into the skin I did find some of the product clumped together and did not spread evenly. The product contains bentonite clay and having used bentonite clay alone, I did not feel any pulsating nor did it leave my skin red afterwards. My only concern would be the sodium borate ingredient. It rated 5-6 on the EWG website, which is considered moderate hazard. Overall, the product left my skin smooth and flake free! I did have to apply moisturizer afterwards, which is fine, and a must do in all skincare routines.
Ingredients: Hand ground Rice bran, Chick pea, oatmeal, sodium borate, bentonite clay
Price: $15.00

French Kiss-Kiss Balm Description: “No more kissing with chemical lips. Use our Kiss Balm and freshen and condition your lips with all Natural & Organic ingredients. Safe for you and the one you kiss.”
My Thoughts: This lip balm is very moisturizing. Infused with essential oils like Peppermint and Spearmint moisten and freshen the breath all in one. The balm creates a protective barrier that even repels liquid off the lips, which surprised me! The balm can be somewhat of a waxy feel, but I don’t mind it at all, since it’s full of protective barriers. This balm is going to be great lip care for the harsh winter approaching.
Ingredients: Raw honey, beeswax, grapeseed oil, shea butter, essential oils, vit e
Price: $5.00

Go and check out Ooh La La Lamour’s products. Not only do they offer the products above, but also serums, body soaps, body scrubs, body wash and much more.


*I received these products in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid for my review, nor does the fact that I received the product for free influence my opinion.*

Forever Clean and Green,


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