W3ll People Supernatural Sessions Green Beauty Party


There is only one word that comes to mind from my experience at the Austin W3ll People Supernatural Session SXSW Eco Party. Exhilarating!

As soon as I learned of the event, I R.S.V.P. as fast as I could. I could not believe this event was FREE! To make things even better, another lover of green beauty R.S.V.P. too! Brandie Maraziti of Blue Morpho Apothocary was my company for the event. We both got there super early (that’s how excited we were) we waited until the doors opened. As soon as we walked in, we were like two kids in a candy store.

The studio was laid out beautifully, which made the traffic of people a breeze. If it got a bit crowded, they had a beautiful back patio setup with vendors from Snap Kitchen and Tequila 512. Brandie and I enjoyed a drink and bite to eat. I was in the middle of sampling when I saw my first green celebrity spotting. It was Shirley Pinkson, one of the founders of W3ll People. I nervously ask to take a picture, which she was more than happy to do. I was giddy with joy and her makeup was ROCKIN!


After my green celebrity sighting, Brandie and I found a cozy little bench. We then started to explore the goodie bags, which were generously offered to the first 150 R.S.V.P. guests. What we found were awesome full and sample sizes of products. It was like opening presents on Christmas morning..

Goodies included:

Saavy Naturals – full-size handcrafted soap,

W3ll People – sample concealer, bio tint, and full-size Nudist Colorbalm Stick 7,

Osmia Organics – sample size Honey Myrrh Lip Repair,

Dear Clark Hair Care– sample size Shampoo/Conditioner,

One Love Organics – sample size Easy Does It,

AILA Cosmetics – full-size nail polish,

Nubian Heritage – full-size Mango Butter infused with Shea oil and Vitamin C and

Juliette Has a Gun – 3 sample perfumes

I was definitely not disappointed with the goodie bag!

After the eventful experience on the patio, we made our way through the crowd inside.
I can not even express the excitement of what my eyes encountered!  After I took a few minutes to compose myself, I made rounds to the different green celebrity stations introducing myself.



My first visit was with Sarah Villafranco, founder of Osmia Organics. She is so beautiful and humble. We chatted a bit about yoga (which I’ve never tried) and the weather in Colorado compared to Texas. I kept eyeing all her green treasures laid out next to her. I wanted to buy everything! I had to control myself, all I could do was inhale Sarah’s peaceful energy.


Hugo Saavedra, founder of Saavy Naturals, is a riot! He came all the way from California to be with us Texans. The table set up was beautiful. Saavy Natural products laid in a bed of roses, very classy/romantic. He had huge handcrafted soaps laid out. He then asked me if I took showers? I laughed so hard! He then cut a huge chunk of purple handcrafted soap for me to take home (I believe it was Plumeria) it smelled so sweet and delicious. Hugo is full of charisma, he looked so happy to be part of the event. This made me more curious to learn more about Saavy Naturals.

HPIM2312Kaycee Clark, one of the founders of Dear Clark Hair Care, is so sweet. I had never heard of this brand. I was surprised when they said they were from Dallas,Texas. Who knew they were hiding in my very own backyard. We chatted about hair care and she gave me tips on how to avoid dry ends. She also gave me a sample of their Smoothing Elixir to apply to my ends before blow drying. I can not wait to test it out!

well9Sunny Hun, one of the founders of AILA Cosmetics, is so full of energy. I was lucky enough to have this green beauty paint my nails with one of their five free nail polishes. We chatted about where we grew up (hard to believe she’s from Alabama), nail care, and just how hot it is in Texas. I was surprised how fast my nails dried and how much coverage they had with just one coat of polish. The color I chose is called “The New Black” perfect for Halloween. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture with Sunny, but look at the great job she did on my nails.

well7Brandie Gilliam, Founder of Organic Beauty Talkis too cute! She is so passionate about educating women about the toxic ingredients found in the beauty industry. “Read your labels” is what she told me, and trust me, this is what I live by! I am so ecstatic that there are powering women like her to help educate those that are blinded by the beauty industry.

HPIM2313I ended my night getting makeup tips from makeup guru, Shirley Pinkston.

I can not rave enough, just how wonderful this experience was. I will never forget! To be surrounded by the women I look up to in the green beauty industry and to actually meet them, was a dream come true.

A job well done, W3ll People! Thank you for hosting an incredible event. I hope to attend more green mingles like this in the future. I also look forward to testing all the brands found in my goodie bag. Eeeekkk I can not wait!

Forever Clean and Green,


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