The Choosy Chick Interview

I am very excited to introduce to you a “one stop shop” called The Choosy Chick. The Choosy Chick was Founded on February 6, 2014, by  husband and wife duo, Joe and Margot White.


“The Choosy Chick was created out of a personal quest to find safe and effective health and beauty care products. Like many of you, we were shocked to learn that the products we had been using everyday on ourselves and children contained ingredients considered to be harmful.” Read more here.


When it comes to buying green beauty products, I much prefer an experience where I can get everything I need in one shop, as opposed to hopping around different sites, paying extra taxes, shipping cost, and spending double the time. So when a shop like The Choosy Chick, with its expertly curated green products pops up, I get really excited. The Choosy Chick offers a wide variety of popular products I have personally used. Products such as:  Waxelene, EVOLVh, and Honeybee Gardens. Many more brands are offered, those are just a few to tease you with. For a full list click here.

chick3I am very delighted to bring you an interview with co-founder and creator Margot White, of The Choosy Chick. Not only is Margot an entrepreneur but a mother too. A true role model, caring for her family and bringing awareness about toxic ingredients to consumers.

Keep reading to find out more about “the chick” behind The Choosy Chick.

How long have you been using organic and natural products and what made you make the switch?

I have always been an advocate for reading food labels and choosing organic and unprocessed foods. As a matter of fact, I remember being at a birthday party and was a bit embarrassed when my 6-year-old son blurted out “MOM! There’s high fructose corn syrup in these!” after reading the label on the party favor treats. What really solidified my decision to change was when my second son became violently ill after we applied makeup from one of those readily available Halloween makeup kits to his face. His throat started burning and he vomited several times. I was amazed when I read the label on that product as it stated that the “makeup should not be used near the eyes or mouth!” I then started to dissect labels on all our personal care products and was shocked the day I learned that there was absolutely no oversight to cosmetic product safety.

How is The Choosy Chick educated on the best organic and natural products to use and ingredients to avoid?

We use reputable resources to qualify ingredients and often have to cross reference several sources.

Some of them include:

  • The David Suzuki Foundation,
  • The Breast Cancer Foundation,
  • The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics,
  • The EWG,
  • Pub Med,
  • Agency for Toxic Substance,
  • Disease Registry, and
  • our own Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Matt Fisel.

Many of our resources can be found in the LEARN section of our boutique.

What are some of your favorite organic and natural products?

Oh boy. I was afraid you were going to ask this! We have selected 37 Brands all with not only an outstanding reputation for putting the safety of the consumer first – but for producing quality products that are highly effective! I honestly have favorites from each line – but my list would probably be too lengthy to fit here. I change-up my own products frequently among our brands.

Currently, I am using and loving :

Why did you start The Choosy Chick?

Over the last 5 years, so many of my loved ones developed cancer and this made me take a deeper look at the products in my home – cleaning products and personal care products. The Choosy Chick was created out of a personal quest to find safe and effective health and beauty care products. Finding products that met our Choosy Standard was next to impossible in local stores and big box retailers. It was then that I realized people deserve better and needed a place to shop where consumer safety was a priority.

How are  brands selected for The Choosy Chick?

This is a very time consuming process, but exciting and fun at the same time!

  1. We follow the guidelines set forth in our Choosy Chick Standard.
  2. Products must NOT contain ANY of our Big Baddie ingredients.
  3. Sometimes we need to contact manufacturers (probably driving them crazy at times) about their processes, as some ingredients can become hazardous when mixed with others, or in the manufacturing process itself.
  4. We then make sure the manufacturer does NOT test on animals and has sustainable/green manufacturing processes.
  5. Finally, we TEST!  We have a team of about 8 people (children included) all with a variety of different skin/hair needs.  We look for superstars – products that stand up to what they claim!

What would you say is unique about The Choosy Chick compared to other natural product websites?

Education! In addition to our boutique, we are a learning platform, offering information and resources through our LEARN section, blog, and social media. I am a Health Educator and have taught for the last 15 years. I love to teach, and at The Choosy Chick, we want people to understand this serious issue, take action and make informed decisions about what they are buying.

We strive to stay at the forefront of this healthy living movement to eliminate harmful and toxic chemicals from products that we put on ourselves and our families everyday. We hope that our commitment to finding pure products affords our customers a true sense of security for themselves and their families. In addition, we offer educational events and sponsored programs to help support PTO’s (Parent Teacher Organization) and other organizations.

We also offer beautiful specialty bags  that are a great way to get familiar with our products, or to send as a gift for someone special.  These beautiful  bags are made by women employed by  Freeset – a company that allows freedom for women in Kolkata, India, and the opportunity to escape from poverty and trafficking.  Each bag is unique in design and is stocked with some of our best selling products.

What can consumers expect from The Choosy Chick in the future?

More products to choose from, interviews with activists, influential people in the field, YouTube, and maybe a points system.



Go and check out The Choosy Chick! If you can not decide on which products to get, they generously put together specialty bags of samples for you to try or give as gifts. You or your loved ones are bound to find your “holy grail” product in one of The Choosy Chick specialty bags!









Make sure to follow The Choosy Chick on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest


*Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. Photos generously provided by The Choosy Chick*

Forever Clean and Green,


6 thoughts on “The Choosy Chick Interview

  1. What a great post Crystal! I really enjoyed reading it and getting to know the person behind The Choosy Chick. I’m very loyal when it comes to buying from online stores and have my personal favourite but this one certainly warrants a look! 😉 Thanks for sharing. Xx

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  2. I absolutely love the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel and Honeybee Gardens as well. And Kari Gran seems like such a great skincare brand. Would love to take a look at The Choosy Chick! I always love supporting more independent companies, like this one, on my blog.


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