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Gemstone healing has been practiced by many for centuries. Each stone brings spiritual and emotional healing to those in need. Why not heal from the inside out? This is exactly what founder, Debra Haugen of Gemstone Organics accomplished. What a brilliant way to entwine a holistic approach to nourish your skin and your whole being in one.

I am not familiar with gemstone practice nor do I own any gemstones, but what sparked my interest was the incredible ingredients contained in Gemstone Organic products.

Gemstone Organics reached out to me via social media. I was intrigued by this unique brand and had to give their products a try.

A little about Gemstone Organics:

“Using food as medicine is becoming more mainstream because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The same concept goes for skincare. Our products are therapuetic-grade, healthy and effective. We are organic, wholesome therapy for your skin. We want you to feel and look your best by using our magical combination of: Plants, Waters, Earth and Intention. We know you will feel the difference and see the results. You will be glowing, inside and out!” Read more here.

Gemstone Organic kindly sent two products to test, which included: Organic Gold Face and Healing Créme and Rose Otto Gem Hydrosol.



Organic Gold Face and Healing Créme Description:

“Our Organic Gold Créme is made with Gemstone Essences from raw Gold and other select Crystals. Gold boosts blood flow and speeds the cellular processes of skin, activating cell turnover and regeneration. Gold also has powerful antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties.

Gold is our Masculine, Sun Power Créme. Gold is the color of the third chakra. As the sun is our solar power, the solar plexus is our personal power. Gold symbolizes warmth, strength and confidence. It encourages the striving for recognition, power and social status as well as the realization of one’s full potential.”

My Thoughts: Gemstone Organics first sent me a sample of their gold créme to test out. Later in the month they were generous enough to send a full size jar, so I could benefit its full affect. In the months of testing this product, this créme is one of the most hydrating crémes I have ever encountered. My skin is left smooth and supple, with an even finish. Redness that I usually notice around my T-zones were left non existent. When I first saw the one ounce jar of créme I thought it was way too small, but a little goes a long way and the jar will last you quite awhile. I especially loved using the créme before applying foundation, my face is left flawless. The créme does have an herbal scent that quickly fades. A bit of advice, be careful when applying the créme to the eye area because it does stings a little. Overall a great product for all seasons, it is packed with high SPF value for summer months, and oil healing benefits for dry skin in the winter months. I really enjoyed the gold créme and I look forward to trying the other four cremes in Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Jade, and Ruby.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Hemp Oil*, Rose Water*, Gemstone Essence, Coconut Oil*, Beeswax*, Capuacu Butter*, Babassu Oil*, Borage Oil*, Black Seed Oil*, Aloe Vera Powder*, Carrot Seed* and Helichrysum* Essential Oils
*100% USDA Certified Organic

Price: $37.00 1 oz.


Rose Otto Gem Hydrosol Description:

“Containing Quartz Crystals, this Hydrosol is Gem Essenced using color coded stones to work in conjunction with the plant, bringing its full healing potential to you. Keep the Quartz Crystal Points long after your Hydrosol is gone!”

My Thoughts: This was the first time I ever tried a hydrosol. Hydrosol is the water that results from steam distilling the plant (in this case organic rose petals) and its the only ingredient! What a perfect way to start my mornings, just a few evenly sprays of the hydrosol and my senses were intoxicated by the petals of the Bulgarian Rose. They smell so sweet! I love the smell of roses in the morning, don’t you? When I was in a rush and unable to apply moisturizer, the hydrosol added the perfect hydration that did not leave my face feeling dry or tight. I also used the hydrosol as a perfume, just a few sprays and I was lightly scented of rose. The hydrosol was a sample, but it was just enough to get multiple uses of its heavenly scent. When the product is finish you will find a nice surprise, a pair of small Quartz Crystal for you to enjoy and keep. Other scents include: Organic Lavender, Organic Wild Sage, Organic Ylang Ylang, Organic Calendula, and Organic Helichrysum. Which one will you try?

Ingredients: Organic rose petals/hydrosol and Quartz Crystal

Price: 1 oz. $14.00, 2 oz. $18.00, 4 oz. $26.00

Gemstone Organic offers only the best ingredients, infused with plants, waters, earth and intention. Each gemstone creme and hydrosol is formulated to treat any skin problem you may have.

What are you waiting for? Order from Gemstone Organic and find your skin’s perfect pair and get your glow on!

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*I received these products in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid for my review, nor does the fact that I received the product for free influence my opinion.*

Forever Clean and Green,


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