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Having time to yourself is nice, but it’s even better when you have a little person to share it with.  My daughter and I love having girls time. We go to the movies, do a little shopping, and her favorite of all, spa day! Keep reading for the nice treat we received.


I was contacted by Revescent, an online retailer of beauty and personal care products for the entire family. Each product holds a rating of 0-2 on the EWG (Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Guide). Thank you Revescent for doing all the research.

A little about Revescent:

“At Revescent, we’ve taken the time to review each and every product that we carry – we’ve pored over every ingredients list – and if there’s any doubt about anything we won’t carry it – so you know you’re not compromising your health.  Many companies claim they do the research so that you don’t have to, but how do you know their standards are in line with yours?  Within their standards and research, how do you know which of their products are the most pure and which are just shy of crossing the line?  That’s why each of the products we carry holds a “Low hazard” or also known as a “low concern” rating of 0, 1, or 2 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Guide, or the equivalent. This rating ensures that the products we offer – that you purchase and use – are the safest we can find.” Read more here.

Revescent graciously showered my daughter and me with some spa goodies which included:
Scotch Naturals Premium Nail Lacquer – Sticky Base Coat,
Scotch Naturals Nail Polish Color Mamie Gilroy,
Scotch Naturals Premium Nail Lacquer – On the Rocks Top Coat,
Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover, and
SuncoatGirl Ballerina Beauty Kit 3 pc nail polish.


Scotch Naturals Premium Nail Lacquer – Sticky Base Coat Description:

“The fortifying sticky base coat nourishes nails while providing the perfect foundation for our polishes. Using the sticky base coat significantly extends the life of Scotch Naturals Premium Nail Lacquers assisting in adhesion and durability.”

My Thoughts: Rated a two on EWG, The Sticky Base Coat is one of a kind. I had never tried a product that evens out your nail polish. Who needs to go to a nail shop? The sticky base has a milky look that disappears when applied to the nail. I did not smell any strong odor from the sticky base which was great! It dried quickly and being the curious person I am, I had to touch the base. I ran my finger over my nails and wow it was sticky! The nail polish applied easy with no streaks and the sticky coat was disappeared!
Ingredients: water, acrylic polymer emulsion, +/- CI15850, CI77492, CI77499, CI77289, CI77891, and/or mica
Price: $14.99

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish Mamie Gilroy Description:

“A heathered purple creme, Zero Toxins, Zero Risk. Scotch Naturals’ premiere, revolutionary water-based formula conditions nails and delivers long-lasting salon-quality color. These polishes are 100% free of all phthalates, parabens, solvents (ethyl acetate and butyl acetate), nitrocullulose, acetone, and heavy metals. Because 3-Free and 5-Free still aren’t 100% free”

My Thoughts: Scotch Naturals 3 free nail polish is not your typical nail polish, it is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Fragrance Free, Toxin Free, Paraben Free, Hypoallergenic, and Biodegradable. You won’t find any bad chemicals here! Revescent sent the shade Mamie Gilroy. Rated a two on EWG, Mamie Gilroy is a beautiful egg plant color perfect for winter. The first coat I applied was pretty light, but after three coats, I was left with beautiful winter nails. The lasting power was about a week before it started to chip. I believe that’s pretty good for me since I’m always running around with two kiddos, my nails take a beating. I’m very impressed by Scotch Naturals, not only did my nail look fabulous, I also did not have to worry about any bad chemical on them.
Ingredients: water, acrylic polymer emulsion, +/- CI15850, CI77492, CI77499, CI77289, CI77891, and/or mica
Price:  $14.99

Scotch Naturals Premium Nail Lacquer – On the Rocks Description:

“This deluxe top coat protects nails from scratches and provides an extra boost of shine.”

My Thoughts: Rated a two on EWG, On The Rocks, is the last step in achieving a professional look. It adds a beautiful shine which truly make the nail color pop. It also had a milky look to it that applied clear.  I applied two coats and after ten minutes my nails were flawless!
Ingredients: water, acrylic polymer emulsion, +/- CI15850, CI77492, CI77499, CI77289, CI77891, and/or mica
Price: $14.99


Scotch Naturals Soy Polish Remover Description:

“Scotch Naturals soy polish remover has been formulated to remove both water-based and solvent-based nail polish safely and naturally. Please Note: There are no soy proteins in this remover so those with soy sensitivities should not experience adverse reactions.”

My Thoughts: Rated a zero on EWG, I love this polish remover! The easy to use spray bottle is brilliant! A few sprays on each nail and the nail polish was quickly removed with cotton balls. My cuticles and nails were left moisten with oil which was not overbearing. You will not find any dry effects in this polish remover like conventional ones at the store.
Ingredients: methyl soyate, dimethyl adipate, dimethyl glutarate
Price: $13.00


SuncoatGirl Ballerina Beauty Kit 3 pc Nail Polish Description:

“Create fun and unique nail art designs with these natural nail polish and nail decals. For children 3 years and older. Use under adult supervision. Also great for anyone to use especially when travel, and for special occasions. Can last couple of days on fingernails. Will last longer on toenails. Safe and Non-Toxic.”

My Thoughts: Rated a one on EWG, SuncoatGirl is a great non-toxic nail polish set, perfect for your little mini me. The set comes in colors that range from (light) beginner to (little darker) intermediate.
Ballerina Beauty, is a light pink pearly color, light enough for those parents that are just beginning.
Strawberry Delight, is a bright red with golden shimmer perfect for your big girl. This was my daughters favorite color.
The Clear top coat added the perfect finish to the nail color to make it shine.
The kit also contained nail decals strong enough to withhold the roughness children put their hands through. My daughter loved it! She said, “Look mommy, my nails are beautiful art.”
The nail polishes does contain Carmine, so it is not vegan. Overall my daughter had a ball with mommy. The polish lasted a week, it may also last longer depending how active your child is.
Ingredients: Ballerina Beauty: water, polyurethane, acrylic copolymer, mica, titanium dioxide, carmine.
Strawberry Delight: water, polyurethane, acrylic copolymer carmine, iron oxide, mica, titanium dioxide.
Clear: water, polyurethane, acrylic copolymer, mica, titanium dioxide.
Price: $16.99




Revescent also offers makeup, fragrance, bath and body care, and so much more for your whole family. Revescent kindly offers it’s customers a rewards loyalty program that rewards customers for ordering products online as well as for opening an account, rating and reviewing products, and liking and sharing on social media.  The more you spend, like, share, and review products the more Revescent Rewards points you accrue.  These points can be redeemed for discounts, free products, and to offset the cost of shipping; they can also be transferred to other registered users of Revescent.

Revescent has offered my readers a nice treat! Spend $35.00 or more on nail polish, use coupon code: PRETTYNAILS you will receive a free “Set the Scene Manicure Set” with purchase. Coupon code valid until March 31, 2015.

Please check out Revescent and make sure to get you something nice. What will you order? Let me know!

Make sure to follow Revescent on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

*I received these products in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid for my review, nor does the fact that I received the product for free influence my opinion.*

Forever Clean and Green,


6 thoughts on “Revescent, Scotch Naturals, SuncoatGirl

    1. I’ve noticed that some colors last longer than others. In my experience the dark ones seem to last longer. I’ve also seen a large difference in how long they last by letting each coat dry between painting another. The sticky base coat and top coat (suggest two top coat layers) also have an impact on the length of time before chipping. The company also encourages painting at night to allow them to harden as you sleep.


  1. I bought some Suncoat Girl nail polish for my little one quite a few years ago, and we were disappointed at how easily it peeled off. You’re right in saying it depends on how active your child is. She’s a little busybody always working with her hands. I am now interested in trying the Scotch brand for myself, though. I love the eggplant color. Thanks!


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