Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser

Through the years I have solely depended on oil to remove my makeup and cleanse my face, but I would often wake up with a nice surprise of black under my eyes from missed makeup. Then I thought…

If my oil missed some of my eye makeup what other makeup products could it have missed, and what about my pores?



I recently discovered Graydon Skincare, a Canadian based brand. A little about their motto:

  • We curate ‘plant powered’ ingredients that have transformative, nutrient dense qualities that are easily absorbed so that your skin gets ‘fed’ the nutrients it needs.

  • We employ nutrients that work synergistically with the skin, and are in harmony with nature and our environment. Keeping that in mind, consider that the life-force (aka energy ‘prana’ or ‘qi’) of your skin interacts with the life-force of everything applied to it… so unlike most skincare lines where products are essentially dead (because the ingredients and chemicals they contain have no life-force), Graydon products will gently and effectively enliven and awaken you.

  • Whenever possible, we choose to source organic plant based ingredients from Canadian growers and manufacturers such as broccoli and berry seeds oil. Outside of Canada, we are also developing partnerships with fair trade farmers in India to source Ayurvedic ingredients such as rosewater. Another one of our favourite food grade ingredients is manuka honey (with bee venom) known for its anti-inflammatory healing ability, sourced from New Zealand.

I been using the Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser that I received in a Sandi Girl Subscription Box (subscription box currently not available).  I have been loving this cleanser! My skin in the winter is very sensitive and dry so I have to be very careful what I put on my face.

Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser Description:

Using aloe as an active ingredient, this effective and gentle cleanser wipes away dirt, sebum, and make-up stuck deep within pores, leaving you with fresh, dewy skin. Lightly infused with Pink Grapefruit, Geranium, and Blood Orange, it has a silky smooth texture that makes it easy to apply and rinse off. Apricot Kernel oil is also particularly beneficial for aggravated skin. This lightweight and odorless oil is rich in plant phytosterols (specifically b-sisterol) which helps quell anti-inflammatory activity.

A great way to prep the skin before applying your favorite moisturizer.

My Thoughts: I will say it again, I LOVE this cleanser! It has a creamy texture that applies and dissolves quickly working deep within your pores. I used circular motions and focused on areas around my nose and chin and rinsed with warm water. The cleanser has a clean/citrus scent that is very aromatic. My face felt soft, clean of dirt and makeup, and more importantly not DRY!

Ingredients: Ingredients: purified water (aqua), apricot (prunus armeniaca) kernel oil, vegetable wax: (caprylic/capric triglyceride, glyceryl stearate, coco-caprylate/caprate, dicaprylyl ether, sodium olivoyl glutamate, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol), vegetable glycerine, vegetable emulsifier: (lauryl glucoside, polyglyceryl-2 dipolyhydroxystearate, glycerin), aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) juice, lanolin (anhydrous), vegetable derived preservative: (glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl undecylenate), xantham gum, citric acid, rosemary extract (rosemary officinalis extract), vitamin e (mixed tocopherols) oil, perilla (perilla frutescens) seed oil in a blend of pure essential oils including pink grapefruit (citrus paradisi), geranium (pelargonium graveolens), blood orange (citrus sinensis) and nothing else!

Price: $28.00

Check out more wonderful products from Graydon Skincare! Make sure to follow Graydon Skincare on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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  1. I can pin out this post no problem, maybe cause it’s a Canadian brand AHAHAHA just kidding lol – sharing it to my biggest board 😉


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