Real life is beautiful too

I love to inform people about clean beauty and the use of real products without filler, but have you ever thought about the filler pictures we post to social media? Are you showing the real you?

My husband posted the picture above on one of my social media pages because he wanted to share this beautiful moment with our son. I quickly deleted it because I thought I looked ugly and fat (a bit harsh, I know). I stayed in my pajamas all day taking care of my baby, washing, cleaning, cooking, and tending to my other two children when they got out of school. I didn’t even take into consideration that my beautiful baby was in the picture sleeping. All I thought about was how “I” looked. I did not want people to see me that way because I wasn’t in the right pose to make me look skinny or that I did not have on any makeup. My husband then asked me why I deleted the picture and I told him, “Because I didn’t like the way I looked.” Being the amazing husband he is, he quickly corrected me and told me that he did not like that I thought that way of myself. He told me I was beautiful no matter how I looked. He also added that the picture was a real life capture of what motherhood is really like, and that made the picture even more beautiful.

It took me awhile to understand what he meant, but I knew he was right.

Almost everyone is worried about how they look in pictures. Do they have the right filters, is their pose right, does their makeup and outfit look great. I admit, I get sucked into the facade of social media too. Heck, I even approve the pictures that people tag me in and pick the best ones. But lets get real, life does not have a filter at all! If I run into someone I know, I surely don’t look like my social media picture. Most days, I am rocking a no makeup bun look while running errands. The truth is.. I’m a mom, and those that are moms can agree that juggling work, home, and family can be exhausting. Most people will say that it’s not an excuse just because someone is a mother that you should let yourself go. I have not let myself go at all! I just, need a little more confidence in myself and believe that my body and my no makeup bun look is BEAUTIFUL in pictures as well.

Like my husband said, real life is what makes a picture beautiful not the fakeness that people portray on social media.

I admit, it’ll take baby steps for me to stop using the filters, but this is a start :).

4 thoughts on “Real life is beautiful too

  1. I am a number one advocate for people who are #real, myself included and not being conceited or boasting either.
    I love the picture of mommy & Adam #athome in their comfiest attire.
    Oprah once said that the hardest job is being a stay at home mom. I tend to agree.
    A loving, caring and understanding husband that has no comments or thoughts about how you look at any age or even after you’ve delivered your child that you conceived together is a blessing.
    Sometimes we need to stop thinking about how others see us on the outside rather THAT person within yourself is what makes you beautiful!!! 🙂


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