Clean Beauty Kit


I recently got selected to be part of the Clean Beauty Kit Ambassador Program. Clean Beauty Kit is a monthly subscription box of clean beauty products that range from skincare to makeup. Read more to find out what was in my box this month.

My November box included:

Lash Binder: $24.99

Buy one, Give one. When you purchase a Lash Binder, one is donated to a woman who’s lost her lashes to chemotherapy.

Now you can complete your lash application easier, faster and quicker than any other tool in the world With the Lash Binder method. 

Lash Binder is “The Lash Tool You’ll Ever Need”

Each tool comes in a protective box that is biodegradable, made of paper and cardboard.

Lash Binder is:

✔️the most sanitary way to apply lashes 

✔️created from 100% recycled materials

✔️ easy to clean

✔️ water resistant

✔️ reusable for life

✔️ safe to use in cars, planes or moving vessels 

✔️ bacteria resistant

✔️ designed with soft silicon tip for safety

✔️ designed to dry glue hands-free

✔️ safe to use on children or by disabled

✔️ cruelty free

Lovesong Beauty Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel: $30

1.7 FL OZ | 50 ML 

Revitalize and restore your hair with Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel. Composed of natural ingredients that cleanse, protect, soothe, and rebalance, this is your holy grail product for flawlessly refreshed roots — without any powdery residue.

Psst! Did we mention that it’s natural, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, and wind energy crafted? It’s good like that.

Free of: sulfates, petroleum, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance.

Cris’s Blends Sweet Orange Lip Balm: $3.99

Our lip balm blends great moisturizing butters, like cocoa and shea, with soothing calendula infused coconut oil for beautiful, smooth lips. 

It will quickly become your go-to, winter or summer. 

This lip balm is flavored with essential oils, and its packed with nourishing ingredients.

•Organic ingredients

•No synthetic flavors

•No GMOs

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter*, Organic Coconut Oil ( sun infused with calendula)*, Organic Candelilla Wax, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Organic Orange* and Tangerine* Essential Oils.

Pickles Potions Brightening Facial Clay Mask: $8.98

Pickle’s Potions Natural Clay Masks with tropical fruit extracts. Choose from one of the 4 varieties, based on your skincare needs: Purifying: bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, green tea extract, cucumber peel extract, strawberries (dehydrated) Age-Defying: kaolin clay, silk peptides, green tea extract, honeysuckle extract, mango (dehydrated) Deep Cleanse: bentonite clay, kaolin clay, activated charcoal (from coconuts), papaya and guava (dehydrated) Brightening: kaolin clay, coconut milk powder, rosehip seed extract, papaya (dehydrated), turmeric

Energy Bits Spirulina Tablets:$25

Want a natural, clean, toxin-free, plant-based way to build your skin, hair and nails or satisfy hunger without cooking, cleaning or calories? BEAUTY bits spirulina tablets are the beauty ingestible that nourishes your beauty and body from the inside with 100% nutrition. The high protein (3x steak), high chlorophyll (1,000x greens), high antioxidants, essential fatty acids and forty vitamins/minerals help build your skin, hair and nails, prevent wrinkles/blemishes, reduce inflammation, stop cravings, satisfy hunger and increase energy. All this and more from just one ingredient and one calorie per tablet.

Leopara Duo Makeup Lighting System: $49.95

Leopara DUO is the world’s 1st PATENTED, personal lighting system that’s compact, wireless and mirror-mountable, so you can beautify and groom FLAWLESSLY in front of any mirror, anywhere without the hassles of cords or bulky equipment. System includes: 2 mirror-mountable LED GlamPanels 2-in-1 USB Charging Cord Travel Case Quick Start Guide 1-Year Warranty MIRROR NOT INCLUDED! The Jet Black case is sleek and compact in faux Saffiano leather with a black and silver logo plate, black zipper and silver zipper pull.

Subscribe to Clean Beauty Kit: $49.99

Use “Crystal” at checkout for a small gift.

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