Clean Beauty Kit


I recently got selected to be part of the Clean Beauty Kit Ambassador Program. Clean Beauty Kit is a monthly subscription box of clean beauty products that range from skincare to makeup. Read more to find out what was in my box this month.

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Rosemira Organics

Rosemira Organics is one of my favorite brands for trusted skincare. I am almost 40, and skincare is something I need to worry about even more. I started noticing dry, red patches on my cheeks after washing my face and grew concerned. Granted, I already have dry skin to begin with, but the red patches were new to me. Of course, I turned to my go to skincare brand and started looking into what product would help with what I was experiencing. Not only does Rosemira Organics have great products, but their customer service is outstanding! The owner, Dr. Mira Herman actually takes time to consult with you over chat to figure out what products would work best for your skin type. A little about Dr. Mira Herman’s philosophy:

I developed my line in response to my own need for effective and pure products. Thirty years later, my skin and that of my clients is a testament to the efficacy of Rosemira’s formulas. My philosophy incorporates my training and understanding of how our bodies work, it is based on many years of practicing Chiropractics, Acupuncture, bodywork, herbal medicine and nutrition. While studying chemistry, I came to understand that one cannot combine herbs and essential oils with science hoping to achieve results. Recognition for the wonder found in nature combined with an understanding of science is necessary for creating Rosemira’s powerful ingredient alchemy.

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